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Van Wert County Humane Society

Van Wert County Humane Society

Millicent holding her girl Silvia May



"We weren't looking to adopt another pet.  However, I happened to see the posting of the two dachshunds on the shelter's Facebook page.  I followed their story through the adoption of the male.  My first thought was, what about the beautiful long haired black and tan female?  I asked my husband to call and inquire about her.

When he called to tell me she was still available, but she had several health issues, I knew my heart was called to her.


As my birthday, and mothers' day, was approaching soon, I told my husband that the best gift, was for him to take the money he was going to spend on me, and go adopt her.  He went that day and sent me a photo, and called me telling me how friendly she was, and how helpful the staff and volunteers were also.  Needless to say, when I got home, I was met by the furry, wiggling, dachshund, now known as Silvia May.

I took her with me the next day to complete paperwork, which the staff made easy. The adoption process was quick.


Everyone has been helpful, and very friendly.  You can tell when someone puts the best interests of the animals first, and they actually care about animals.  They have been available to answer questions, and have been wonderful in regards to her health issues.


Silvia has been accepted by our other fur babies, and she is a much loved member of our family.


I know people have commented to me about the cost of adoption through the humane society, but it is worth it to know they have been vet checked, shots given, and a certificate for spay or neuter included.  I would recommend adoption any day, as there are so many abandoned/rescued fur babies waiting at shelters."


~ Millicent Ireland

Van Wert County Humane Society
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